Pallet Chicken Coop

chiken final

Two level stacked-attached pallets. Walls, floor and ceiling constructed entirely from recycled pallets.

   GHE chicken coop1

Raised the floor by placing pallets on top of cinder cement blocks. At the block level, added rocks to help with water erosion and avoid curious digger animals.

GHE chicken coop2

Detached pallets and used the boards to cover the walls open spaces.

GHE chicken coop3

Repurposed extra roof tiles and plastic roofing sheets for extra protection from the rain.

GHE chicken coop4

GHE chicken coop5

Built a human and chicken sized doors, one within the other.

GHE chicken coop6

The coop has window openings for proper aeration.

GHE chicken coop9

Chickens like to be perched, so constructed an upper and lower level with pallet boards and sticks, accessible by stairs.

GHE chicken coop7

Use recycled market vegetable crates to catch the chicken poo. Easy and effecient way to clean, with no water waste. Just dump into the compost, for homemade fertilizer.

GHE chicken coop8

A 2x1x2 pallet-sized construction is a luxury home for 10 chickens.

chicken coop


chicken compile

GHE chicken coop11