About us / à Propos de nous

Family Business//Micro-entreprise Familiale

GreenHouse Epinac offers a range of well-being alternative products. We use raw ingredients that mother Earth offers such as vegetable oils, seeds, plants, minerals and clays. Raw and cold pressed, elaborated to ensure the virtues of ingredients. Our products are created to be good for the body and non-toxic to the environment. Permaculture principles emphasizes …

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Solidarity Self-Sufficient Project // Projet Autonomie Solidaire

Jardiniers en Transition du Grand Autunois MorvanNon-profit organization: // Association à but non-lucratif:             Association déclarée par application de la loi du 1er juillet 1901 Located in Epinac, Burgundy, France // Situé à Epinac, Saône et Loire, France A Collective & Co-operative garden, shared among PARTICIPANTS, using permaculture principales, without the use …

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Behind the Reason: Who & Why // Raison Derrière: Qui & Pourquoi

From North America to Europe, the journey has taken such an adventure in life. Life of traveling, exploring new ideas & experiences while searching for more. My name is Yadira M. I am trying to blossom an idea in freedom to explore LIFE. Behind the reason BE sustainable, BE independent, BE free. The Reason for it: …

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Sanctuary //Sanctuaire //Santuario

Permaculture: Create a sanctuary for birds, insects, bees, butterflies, small animals…Create places of habitat. The goal is to plant in all possible spaces, create a wild comestible forest right at home. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Permaculture: un sanctuaire des oiseux, insectes, abeilles, papillons, petit animaux…Créer des lieux d’habitation. Le but est de planter dans toute les espaces possible, …

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