Behind the Reason: Who & Why // Raison Derrière: Qui & Pourquoi


From North America to Europe, the journey has taken such an adventure in life. Life of traveling, exploring new ideas and experiences. Searching for more.

Hi, my name is Yadira M. I am trying to make an idea blossom in freedom to explore LIFE. I only hope to inspire others in their quest for freedom. If we can be independent within our own homes and our communities. A true revolution can spread and our evolution begins. Or has it already?

Behind the reason
BE sustainable, BE independent, BE free.
The Reason for it:

To change the world, we have to change our relationship with work. The meaning of work, of our time and energy. Stop working for the system and power hungry corporations. Quit the job and start your job and create new work. Would you want to say? “This is not my job but my passion.” We also have to change our relationship with money. The piece of paper is only based on faith and confidence. If today you have money, share it & spend it wisely. Ever hear what happened in Cyprus?

It is necessary to avoid the normalcy of doing things to seek independence. We have an opportunity to make projects possible. By passing the current system to create a whole new one. Imagine where everyone worked for their communities both locally and globally. As much as possible is made locally, but shared internationally. Lots of creativity to be shared with a whole lot of potential.

I want to work-create my passions and release energy to a positive creation. Give my time and energy to my passions and assist others to give themselves the opportunity to find-be their own.

The Project’s aim is to create a platform of ideas shared internationally. Sharing ideas and knowledge before it is lost. We have to relearn what we knew before as a united humanity. Information is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Knowledge for humanity. Humanity in power. Freedom to BE.

We all just want to BE, we are all looking for happiness, love, joy and peace (if you are not then you are on the negative side of the journey/experience). The common things that give us the state of wanting to BE, that let us show who we truly are. Is simply made up of FREEDOM (all in all definition included: food, shelter, water, knowledge, health, have fun, to love, laugh…) When we have those needs, we are able to thrive to experience happiness, satisfaction, reach out to love and be love, and when we are at peace we are able to share with those in need of calmness.

How simple it is? How utopian it is? But what experience do we want for us now and in the future? It is time to decide, make a choice. Let’s get rid of the fear. I may be a dreamer but I am not the only one.

The world has been limited of the possibilities of creation and imagination of the human race, so much energy being lost. Creativity and imagination is blocked from our consciousness due to (processed-poison food, pharmaceutical industry, money-bills, jobs…) stress in life. We are all unhappy for one reason or another of this system. System of society, of living, feeling like we have no choice, feeling alone, feeling helplessness.

Those feelings were not just inflicted by yourself, they were assisted to you since childhood by controlled–created society. Who and How, almost seem irrelevant (but a needed know) to envision what we can do to BE, to be free from the negative aspects of society, of this world. Liberate what is controlled? Getting rid of the fear that lurks around.

The old me, did not like asking for help (too much ego). Always preferred figuring out on own, finding solutions to my problems. Now got rid of the Ego, old me is gone, I am asking for your help. Help me be independent and help me help others. Your contribution will not just help me and my family but also many others. Help me to help others to follow their intuition. To dare to live differently.

Love, Peace and Positive Vibrations

Article JSL YM


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